Dr. Wigle surgery consult & surgery

June 7, 2016….

My husband and I met with Dr. Wigle and went over the reconstruction of my diaphragm.  He said he was first going in laparoscopically and was hoping that we could get “lucky” and he could get through all the scar tissue and do the reconstruction that way.  That was highly unlikely and I may wake up with a thoracoabdominal incision and a j tube (feeding tube) in my abdomen.  We went over all of the usual risks and complications of all surgery and anesthesia.

We asked our questions which were mostly unanswered depending on what was found once inside.  We were told to expect a 2 week hospital stay.

We left and tried to have a fun evening but I was falling apart….the one hope that I had was also the biggest fear.  We laughed, cried and slept very little.  We called the kids, called our families and I prayed that I was making the best decision.  Not just for myself, but for my family as well.

June 8, 2016 SURGERY DAY….

We went to Mayo clinic St Mary’s Hospital and checked in.  It was all that I could do to keep my composure.  We went to pre op area and my portacath was accessed, fluids were started, my gown connected to a bear hugger machine that blows hot air to keep you warm.

The hospital pastor came and introduced himself, gave us a small book of prayers and then prayed with us.

That is really about the last that I remember from this day…I know anesthesia was in and evaluated me.  I remember being wheeled away from Dale with tears streaming down my face.

This would be my shortest surgery during my stay at St. Mary’s.  I think that it was around 4 hours.



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