June 20, 2016..more surgery

Back to the operating room yet again.  My crappy asthmatic, COPD lungs were not well equipped to deal with the trauma that my body was receiving at this point.

I was still unconscious and having sedation vacations daily (not that I remember) and I was still dependent on the ventilator.  They advised my husband that I needed to have a tracheostomy in order to get the breathing tube out of my mouth, as they had no idea at this point if or when I would be able to breathe without.

He gave consent for the surgery as well as for a bronchoscopy to be done.  They found that my lungs were full of mucus plugs and infection, which was already be treated.  All of that was suctioned and cleaned out and I was brought back to ICU with a tracheostomy in my neck to connect me to the ventilator.


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