Someone listen to me…please

Frustration….the result of too many health conditions and too many physicians and constantly struggling for coordination of care.  OR simply seeing a physician that hears or focuses on only one issue that you mention and ignores the rest.  I have worked in the medical field and fully understand that there are time restraints on the physician and only so much that can be covered in one appointment, but it can be done.

Here is where I find issue….take 5 minutes before you walk into my exam room and know what it is going on and why I am here.  Or take the time to ask your nurse or medical assistant what is going on, or read the papers that I took the time to fill out before my appointment.  My time is also valuable.  LISTEN to what I have to say….I know my body, I live with it and all of my problems 24/7.  There is a pretty good chance that when I am telling you something is wrong that I know what I am talking about.  I may not know what it is and that is where I need the physician to help me.

Don’t get me wrong, most of my physicians are top notch.  I do have a few that I constantly feel this struggle with.  This is so disheartening and makes me feel that nothing I have to say even makes a difference.

This is the hardest part of being a patient.  Being an advocate for yourself.  Getting other opinions and seeking out answers.  We tend to put our physicians on pedestals and sometimes forget that they are humans also and don’t have all the answers.  Especially for me, I am challenging to most physicians as I am way out of the norm….it’s not a good place to be.

I hand carry records and reports with me to every physician that I see.  In reality these should all forwarded between them but sadly that rarely happens.  I know this is a struggle for a lot of people and there has to be a better way for physicians to communicate.

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