Family & Friends

You win some, you lose some…..being sick is weird.  In my experience people either totally reach out to or seem to drop off the planet.

I understand both now, but it was very hard for me when I first became ill.  Some people just don’t know what to say or what to do and therefore do nothing and sadly just kind of disappear from your like.  This was very hard for me.  I lost some people that I thought would forever be in my life.

Some people do not believe you.  When I first diagnosed with all the asthma and chronic sinus disease, I heard people talk.  I heard through the grapevine….”is she really that sick”, “I think she is faking it”, “she is just trying to get attention”….just a few of the hurtful comments that I have heard throughout the years.

Getting over the loss of family and friends that do not seem to care or become more distant was very hard for me to deal with.  It has taken many years, some deep conversations with my pastor about forgiveness and I’ve made progress, but I still have a ways to go.  It bothers me that this gets to me as I don’t want to judge other people ever.  So I will continue working on it.

New friends, friends that are here till the end and the best family…I have more of those and they are the people that make my life easier to live.  They pray for, cheer for me and celebrate my small victories with me.  They hold me when I cry and know that there are no words needed.

If you are going through something similar, try to focus on the good and not let negativity from the other get you down.  I have received very few comments or questions on my actual blog posts.  I have received a lot of feedback from Facebook and private messages.  To al of you that tell me I give you inspiration and hope…you make my heart burst with happiness.  Even if only one person gains something from all of this then my goal is accomplished.  For those of you that have complimented my writing.  That also means the world to me.  I LOVE to write but have never shared it with anyone before.  I really wanted to do this and put EVERYTHING out there but it is also very scary to put yourself out there for the world.  So, I’d like to end this with a Thank You to all that are viewing or started following me.

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