Never ending pneumonia

Back to see the pulmonologist and my internal medicine doctors today, as well as having another chest X-ray.  No improvement, none, zip, zero at all.   I have to say that I am super discouraged to not have made any progress.

I have been on antibiotics since June 21st.  July 1st I switched to IV antibiotics, two of them.  Tomorrow I will also be starting a 10 day course of IV vancomycin.  I was offered the option of being admitted to the hospital today, but I really cannot see any benefit at this point.  I did think that I was feeling a bit better and gaining some stamina but quickly realized this afternoon that getting out of bed just to go the dr was kicking my butt.

I was lucky to have my best friend go with me and we did get in tons of laughter.  It truly is the best medicine.

I also discussed my abdominal pain and the only real answer that I got was that it is most likely adhesions from all of my previous surgeries and can be extremely painful.  I also mentioned that my pain was worse after eating and dr suggested going back to a baby food type consistency.  No thanks….I have been working this entire year to get past that stage.   Just frustrating.

Not a lot to report as I am mostly just resting and hoping that I am healing.

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