Pneumonia update

I had another chest X-ray this morning and had a pulomonolgy appointment after that.   I am finally showing improvement in the pneumonia!!!!  I wish finish out the course of IV Vancomycin that I am on an be done with antibiotics.

I have a large amount of scarring in my left lung especially.  Mostly from all of the trauma last year.  I will have it evaluated further when I am at Mayo Clinic next week for follow up visits.  I am pretty sure that there is nothing they can do for it, but also looking to see if there is anything that I can do to prevent it from worsening.

I will travel back to Minnesota next week on the 26th then I have tests and appointments on the 27th and 28th.  Unfortunately, Dale is not able to go with me this time.  However, I am taking both my boys and we are going to make a mini vacation out of it and go to the Mall of America one day and then take an out the way road trip home to see Mt. Rushmore.  Luckily, they can both also drive and know how to take care of me if I have any problems.  It should be fun!


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