one thing, then another

Finally off of all of the IV antibiotics and steroids and tapering off of the oral steroids.  Mybreathing still sucks but it is pretty much my baseline.  I got a new diagnosis of pulmonary fibrosis.  Everything that I have read on that is not good, so I am just trying to not think about it and see what pulmonology has to say when we are at Mayo Clinic next week.

While on steroids it naturally raises blood glucose levels, so I have been very lucky to have very few hypoglycemia and dumping syndrome issues this last month.  That all came to a crashing halt last night and through out the day today.   I just want one day, one whole day that I do not feel like crap in one way or another.

It seems lately that my new normal is battling one thing and then another…I know that this is a lot better than a lot of others have it, some days are just harder than others.  I am also bummed as Dale and I were going to have “date night” tonight and instead it is once again him and the kids taking care of me and making sure that I am ok.   I appreciate it so much but was really looking forward to going out and spending some time with Dale.  Maybe tomorrow night….

Not a lot else going on.  My fibromyalgia is flaring from the heat, the taper off the steroids and probably stress.  Just feeling a little overwhelmed with life the last few days and need to get out of this funk that I am in.  I only have to look back a year to see how far I have come and that needs to be my focus right now.

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