Mayo Clinic day 2

This day turned out completely different than I expected, in a good way.  My local endocrinologist wanted me to get an opinion her about the sever hypoglycemia that I have since having the total gastrectomy.  I had already seen the gastroenterologist at Mayo at my visit in April and he did not have any suggestions for me so I did not have a lot of hope for this either.

Dr. Kudva is the endocrinologist that I saw and he was very informative and detailed and also determined to make it easier for me to manage this issue.  I have been having even more problems lately as I am not recognizing the symptoms of hypoglycemia as soon as I was before causing me to not catch it until its super low….upper 20’s to 30’s.  He explained that over time my brain is getting used to this happening every day and basically not sending me the signals that something is wrong until it’s really, really wrong.

He wants to do some further testing but there was no way to get it done the day we were there and of course it was a Friday so we will have to go back and do the tests next week as these as tests that he really does not want me to do locally.

I will also have a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) placed from Mayo for a period of 7 days then send back to them, and he feels that at the very least I will have my own placed after that.  This is something that will be attached to my abdomen and enable me to catch my lows before they become too low.

He would like to start a research study/clinical trial based on my problem.  His thoughts are that my best option would be to have a CGM and whereas a diabetic patient would have an insulin pump with their system, myself and people like me would have a pump that could deliver glucagon.  So….anyone that follows me that may be suffering from the same severe hypoglycemia like I do….this Dr. would really like to start a study on this but would need more patients than just me.

Next, we saw pulmology which I was really anxious about.  With my recent pneumonia and recurring pneumonia that I have struggled with, I have had a lot of imaging done and their have been some varying opinions from different radiologists and physicians.  I won’t go into all the boring details but I was pleasantly surprised to know that my local pulmonologist and internist are doing what needs to be done and there are no changes that they would make at this time.  I do have a couple areas of concern that are going to monitored by CT scans over the next 6-12 months to watch for changes.

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