So when we finished our last appointment at Mayo Clinic the boys and I had made plans to go to Mt. Rushmore and then come home.   Since we have to be back at Mayo Clinic on Wednesday we decided to just extend our vacation and include Yellowstone Park as well.

We tried to get my husband to join us but he just is too busy with work and school right now.  However, my parents did decide to join us and met us at Mt. Rushmore yesterday.  Today we drove to Jackson, Wyoming and tomorrow we will explore Yellowstone.

Besides the kids and I missing dad/hubby we are having a great time AND a lot of time in the car!!!  I have felt pretty good for most of the trip.  I did amazing at Mt Rushmore and was able to walk all over without any real issues.

I did have an emergency stop on the side of the road in South Dakota but thankfully that is the only one so far.  I had a mild asthma attack last night and was able to get it under control pretty quickly.  I had another one this afternoon and also got hives all over.  This is not an unusual thing to happen to me.  I took an extra Zyrtec and some Benadryl, used my rescue inhaler and am ok now.  I always travel with prednisone on hand and normally would start taking it in the morning with the flare ups I have had, but I will have to check with my dr at Mayo first and make sure that it won’t be a problem.  Taking steroids raises your blood sugar and since I have one day that is nothing but glucose testing I am not sure that it is a good idea to take it.  I definitely don’t want to alter the results.

Looking forward to tomorrow and hoping for a good night sleep tonight.

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