Rough night

Had the roughest night last night that I have had for a while.  My blood sugars were all over the place, super high and super low and then unable to to bring up to a normal level.  Took glucose tabs, ate some fruit and protein and all my usual tricks and noting was helping.  It finally got up into the 60’s and stayed there all night.  Still fighting the lows today.  I also had a vomiting/dry heaving session that was reminiscent of the early days of recovery.

Trying to focus on the positive of my crappy night, I am super happy that I had the low struggle that I couldn’t bring up immediately as this doesn’t happen too often but it is now recorded on the CGM that I will send back to Mayo on Friday.  I don’t know how much they can help me change my hypoglycemia issues but at the very least having a CGM is definitely a very useful tool in alerting me before I get too low.

The other positive is that the sickness that I had last night is not the norm for me anymore.  I still have severe nausea and occasional sickness and all kinds of intestinal issues but I will take those any day over the vomiting and retching every day.

I am also having some flare up of my asthma/copd as well as my fibromyalgia.  I think it just due to all the stress of traveling and being off my normal routine as well as all the climate and altitude changes.  I do have a dr appointment on Thursday so if my breathing continues to decline we can address it then.  For now my breathing treatments and inhalers are doing their job.


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