well, not a surprise that my asthma and copd are flaring again.  After the travel and climate changes, as well as the stress on my body and being out of my usual routine I noticed earlier in the week that I was struggling more than normal to breathe.  It was also super humid outside.

I almost went to the ER on Wednesday night but waited since I had a scheduled dr appt on Thursday morning.  As usual, my O2 sats were OK at 96% but my lungs both sound bad.  I was started on steroids as well as a zpack.  I am having some sinus issues again and we also want to cover me due to my recurrent pneumonia status this past year.

I felt a lot better during the day yesterday but started struggling again last night.  A little bit better today.  Hoping and praying that tomorrow is a better day.

I was also started on some new medication that will hopefully help with my post thoracotomy syndrome.  So far it is just making me really sleepy which isn’t all bad with the steroids. I also had to change my pain medication to one without Tylenol as Tylenol can create a false reading with a continuous glucose monitor.  Which sucks because I am also not supposed to take ibuprofen due to no longer having a stomach.

I think we have a good plan in place for now.  We did very briefly discuss TPN at my appointment as that could be an option for controlling my glucose levels.  I will resist that option for as long as possible as TPN can only be used for so long.  The other option is a J tube for feeding but that option is also fraught with complications due to the bowel obstructions that I have had during the last year.  So for now I will keep doing my best to manage my levels through continuous grazing and  low carbs.  This is not too hard for me to do, but I am still trying to maintain my weight also.

I am sure that the “normal” healthy person reading this thinks this is all terrible but I am actually feeling like I am holding my own pretty well at the moment.

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