The further out from losing my stomach that I get, the more I realize that routine is critically important to how I am feeling.  I did really well when I went to Mayo/vacation this last time but still not perfect.   I am paying the price now, but not as severe as I have in the past.

I know that when I got home that I was on the verge of another bowel obstruction, which I was thankfully able to avoid.  I am still fighting some lung issues and not responding to steroids as quickly as I had hoped.  BUT I am still getting by at home and am only really struggling at night.

I think if I only had one or maybe even two medical issues, it would be a lot easier for me to manage.  Lately it has really felt like a juggling act as I have so many different symptoms from so many different issues that I sometimes feel like I will always be grappling with one issue or another.

However, this is my life and I will continue to make the best of each and every day that I am blessed to be on this earth.  My youngest son starts his senior year of high school this week.  I can remember when all my kids were little and these days seemed so far away.  Now it feels like I just blinked and they are all adults.

It is a bittersweet time for sure.  I am super proud of all of them and excited to see where their lives take them, but also miss them greatly as they get more and more independent.  I also love that Dale and I get more time together and are able to spend more time together.  All I can say is enjoy every single moment of your life, good or bad, as no one knows when their last day will be.

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