Pneumonia update

I still am fighting and recovering from my most recent bout of pneumonia.  Luckily for my family, I will get to stop the IV steroids after my last dose on Saturday!!!!  They make me crazier and meaner than normal…lol.  I was hoping that they might increase my appetite and they did for a fleeting moment, but that was it.  Although I haven’t gained any weight, I have not lost any either…probably all the fluids pouring in me.

However, I will continue the two IV antibiotics until the at least the 15th of July.  It is a huge pain to be tethered to IV infusion but I am still so grateful to be at home and not the hospital.  Although I will have to pay another $700.00 up front for my medicine at least it’s working.

The good news, this morning I woke and could take a deep breath without having excruciating pain and I cannot remember the last time that happened.  I do feel like I am making progress and that is what is most important.

I did get out a bit last night for the 4th of July celebration at my sisters house.  It was so good to get out but tiring.  Being sick is just boring….I am tired of movies, TV, reading, just laying around.  I know it sounds like a dream to some but I am here to tell you that it gets old super fast.

It is easy to rest when you feel crappy but now that I am starting to feel somewhat better is when I have to be careful because I tend to overdo it and then pay for it.  So I think I will get back in my craft room some and see what I can make.  Occupies my time and mind and doesn’t over exert me.

Hopefully next week I will get a good report on my lungs!

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