a good day

I am in Rochester, MN with my boys.  I am wiped out this evening so I sent them out to dinner on their own.  Yesterday was a very long day in the car, fortunately the boys (Mostly Jacob) drove all but about and hour and a half that I drove.  I slept a lot on the way here.  We got checked into the hotel and ordered room service and celebrated Jacob passing his EMT test!!!!!

This morning we got up and went sight seeing and then went to the mall and did some shopping to get some things that the boys will need for back to school / college and then had a late lunch.  Then we came back to the hotel and we all napped.  I think all the driving yesterday took it out of all of us.

They of course woke up and were ready to go, go, go again.  So they are off to dinner and hopefully behaving and I am still hanging out at the hotel.  My testing starts at 7 am tomorrow and then only have one dr appt tomorrow as of now.  That can easily change when you are here.  I have two additional dr appt on Friday as well.


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