I have been off of all of the antibiotics and just took my last dose of steroids today.  I wish I could say that I felt great but I just don’t.  There was three days of overlap of the IV zosyn, IV levofloxacin, IV vancomycin that I really felt pretty decent. Since that has stopped I can feel a steady decline.

I also am off steroids and will begin restricting my daily maintenance medications as well for my upcoming pulmonary tests at Mayo.  I can feel the pain again when taking in a breath.  I think at night that I must breathe very shallow to avoid pain because that first breath that I take in upon waking is a killer.

I am just praying that I can get some better direction on my lungs while we are at Mayo.  I have had so many chest X-rays and ct scans this past month and a half and no one can agree on what we are looking at.  Multiple radiologists and multiple drs and although there is a good idea of what is going on, there is still not a definitive answer.

I am a planner. I need an answer.  I need to be able to deal with whatever I am facing and move forward.  The waiting and wondering and googling are not good for me.  I will post as I can when I am away and give updates as I can as well.  I have some posts already written that I will schedule to post on certain days, but I also want to spend this time making memories with my boys.

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